Dorset Reclaim appears on Antiques Roadshow

3,000 at Lulworth castle for the Antiques Roadshow 

3 Jun 2011 / Catherine Bolado

THREE thousand people descended on Lulworth Castle in the hope of finding hidden treasure in their family heirlooms.

The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow drew huge crowds at the castle as experts looked through thousands of pieces sorting out priceless works of art from the worthless family mementos.

Presenter Fiona Bruce said she was delighted to be filming in Dorset. She said: “It is a beautiful part of the world. I have never been to Lulworth Castle before, it’s an amazing venue.”

Bridport resident Mike Watson, 52, brought along an antique sword that King Edward VI used to knight his great grandfather Sir Charles Scarth. The sword was valued at £200-£300

He said: “I’m really pleased, it was a nice day out and I enjoyed myself. It was interesting to see how the programme was made.”

Pensioner Heather Bogan, 79, from Sturminster Newton brought in a clock from World War One that had previously been valued at £1,000 but was given a valuation of £700-800 under the careful eye of the Antiques Roadshow experts. She said: “I’m not disappointed – it was good to get it valued.”

Piddletrenthide residents Philip and Kate Sevier-Summers, had a surprise when their antique vases and fruit bowl were valued at double what they thought they were worth. Mr Sevier-Summers said: “I thought they would be worth about £1,600 but altogether they were worth about £3,500.”

There was even a set of leg stocks that Dorset Reclaim had been given when they were helping a woman to clear out her house.

Project manager for Dorset Reclaim Ray Tovey said: “Sadly we found out they were fake. The wood is 300 years old but the iron work was made at the end of last century.

“They think they were made as a novelty item.”

The stocks were valued at £300-£350 – if they had been real they would have been worth 10 times that.

The Lulworth Castle show will be aired later this year.

Reproduced courtesy of Dorset Echo. Click Here to view original article.

Author: Dorset Reclaim

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